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Prolux Carpet Cleaning
David 1456412838

I used the remarkable carpet washing techniques by Prolux Carpet and I for sure was contented by the amazing effects they achieved with my ruined rug. Every single one of the coffee spots has disappeared and the rug was really supple. Though I have this carpet from 6 years I have never believed it could look so incredible. It was like a brand new one. Also, it smelled so pleasant and that smell changed the mood in the whole apartment. It is amazing you can enjoy that fresh scent for weeks. I have used expert carpet maintaining processes before, but I have never received so superb quality washing processes. In addition I am really impressed by the attitude the professionals showed to me they responded to all the questions I had and shared with me some incredibly beneficial lessons about easy washing of my carpet. I will stand by exceptional rug maintaining procedures by Prolux Carpet to all my relatives for sure.
Gillian Roone 1455310737

When I called and arranged for the estimation it was very professional however when the guy came to do the estimation alarm bells should have rang, however as a friend said they had used before I decided to go ahead and use this company for my carpets, upholstery and curtains. I ended up with a stained carpet in my front room, floor tiles in my entrance room cracked, the man destroyed the texture and appearance of my dining room settee, He was useless, late and very unprofessional! Smoking what I believe to be an illegal substance on my front lawn, brought his girlfriend along in uniform but the obvious displays of affection proved they weren't just 'Colleagues' - I cant describe what I witnessed!, I am mortified with the level of service received, they owner who I believe goes by the name of 'Mr Hewlett' was rude and obnoxious upon receiving my complaints, denied ever delivering any work on my property and used every swear word in the English vocabulary towards me, It was more like 'chavtastic' than 'fantastic' to the service level I received. The behaviour of both when the work was being delivered was diabolical, I ended the work a day early as I couldn't go on. What kind of people run and maintain an business and don't even know the first stage of customer service or service level agreements Its ridiculous, I am now in the transition of reporting them to BBC watchdog as a rogue trader!
Rent a Cleaner Ltd
Elli Morgans 1453812241

I came across the carpet cleaning services of Rent a Cleaner Ltd few weeks ago, when I expressly needed professionals to clean some nasty stains. I was pleasantly surprised to find out just how good of a job they can manage. I have now booked them for an upholstery cleaning service because I am sure they will do just as good as they did previously. Next time I am definitely going to order a comprehensive package, as that can save me a lot of money!
Glossy Cleaners Ltd.
Mona R. 1453804921

I feared that my beautiful rugs were ruined when I saw the red wine spill on them. I have no idea how to clean that, let alone do it in such a way that will not further ruin the fibers and restore them to their original condition. I looked for help in Glossy Cleaners. They quickly sent a team of cleaners who assured me that the problem is fixable. They didn%u2019t speak English very well, but were friendly and did their job without any problem at all. Indeed it was - shortly after they started, I saw the red wine stains disappear completely. I am thankful and recommend their services.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Sarah and Geoff 1362659897

Tony cleaned our carpets and upholstery after building work. The end result was brilliant - everything cleaner and brighter, better than before the builders started! Reliable, professional and friendly service too, and well-priced.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Simon H 1362080357

Tony has just left our house with our carpets looking amazing. I have never met such a friendly, dedicated, professional and trustworthy person! He is better and cheaper than anybody else. You will not realise how dirty your carpets really were until he has worked his magic and I think his reviews show that everyone gets the star treatment. Couldn't recommend any more highly....very rare gem
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Molly 1360775188

If you're looking to get your carpets cleaned in Oxford, then look no further. Tony is a fantastic combination of professional, friendly, hardworking and genuine. I'm an international student who was staying in a room that needed the carpets cleaned from a previous tenant, and the carpet turned a complete 180. The smell from the previous owner's pet was completely gone. The stains were completely removed. Plus the job only took about an hour to do and two hours to dry. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Rose 1360594460

Wow! Tony's just done an amazing job cleaning my stairs, hall, bedroom and landing carpets. He was also a pleasure to have in the house for 2 hours- very friendly and he explained each process as he did it. I definitely would use him again(although I can't imagine these carpets ever looking dirty again!)He certainly knows what he's doing!
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Denis Kane 1360054616

Tony did a wondeful job on my downstairs carpet which was very dirty and he made it look like new again....and his prices are very reasonable, great to met a tradesperson who takes prid in his work
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
caroline vibert 1358892830

Having used TC's recently to clean my daughters carpets, decided to have some cleaned at my house. Horrible stains in two rooms and now they are fantastically clean. Amazing work as usual. Very trustworthy and great prices.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Euan 1358877588

Tony did an excellent job cleaning the carpets of the house that I recently moved into. His quote was very competitive and he was quick to get the work done. I'd be very happy to use him again in the future and I'd definitely recommend him to others.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Geraldine 1358510990

Excellent and highly professional service. Our carpets were in a dreadful state and the difference was impressive, certainly beyond my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to use Tony again.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Norbert Linke 1357941667

This is the second time I had Tony clean the entire carpeting in a flat before moving in and again the result was amazing. The carpets are perfectly clean, all the stains are gone and they smell fresh. Tony's best quality is his attitude to his work. He takes pride in doing an excellent job and pays attention to detail, covering all corners and hidden spots under furniture. Also, his prices are very reasonable indeed and he came at a day's notice.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
caroline vibert 1357762573

Amazing results, awful dirty carpet in rental property. Looked almost new after cleaning by T.C.'S. Very helpful and reliable. we have used this company twice and will continue to use them when carpets need cleaning.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Hada M 1356036010

Amazing Service!! We couldn't have hired someone better. He is a very nice gentleman. He faced a horrible challenge, a carpet neglected for 7 years! and the most horrible mess. He cleaned every corner and the carpet changed from black to blue. Thank you very much!! Someone you can totally trust in. HM
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Dan F 1355410659

Tony did a fantastic job on our carpet. He went above and beyond the call of duty. I would seriously recommend him. He also had the most competitive quote I could find.
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Margaret and Brian 1355340669

Fantastic job Tony. Our carpets look like new again. We will certainly recommend you to our friends. Thank you so very much
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Catarina Lamm 1354904436

Tony's carpet cleaning is excellent. Rapid service, on time, thorough work, friendly and polite. Really recommended!
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Steve 1353671526

Thank you for the good work on cleaning our office carpets. A professional and friendly service with outstanding results! Steve
TCs Carpet Cleaning Oxford
Victoria 1352236468

My three tired rugs look brand new and my flat smells great! Tony was on time, speedy, knowledgable, value for money, tidy, polite and professional. A great job, thank you!

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